Banking and Financial Construction Services in Missouri

If you are looking for a construction company offering construction services for banking and financial institutions, Hankins Construction has the experience to succeed. We are a St. Louis construction management and general contracting company with experience in the banking and financial industry. From the early planning to the final construction stages, we will work closely with you to provide superior results and quality. Whether you are planning a new bank construction project, a renovation to existing branches, or ATM and drive-through installations and renovations, we are ready to help.

Pre-Construction: Planning and Design for Banking Construction Projects

There are a variety of unique considerations to be made during the planning and design stages of construction for banking and financial institutions. For example, it is important to realize that efficient working spaces inspire and energize the people working within them. Therefore, we keep efficiency and proper layout as a top priority when designing new construction or a remodeling project. In addition, we also recognize that providing adequate workspace is an important aspect of bank design. It is important to incorporate proper office space into any office design including those for the banking industry. Types of space that can be important to include are personal offices, boardrooms, meeting rooms, lobby areas, and tellers’ counters. In addition, some other areas that bring added benefit to your bank or credit union include hospitality bars with coffee and cookies, children’s areas, and internet cafés with several computers to allow customers to complete banking transactions online.

Another aspect of banking construction planning and design includes the overall look and feel of a building’s architecture. At Hankins Construction, we work with you to determine a style that provides a stately and unique appearance not only for today but in the future as well. Planning a design that will remain outstanding for years to come will prevent the need for costly renovations and remodeling in the near future.

Finally, we understand that security is a major concern when planning bank construction projects. Our experienced architects and engineers will incorporate special security features into your design as needed in order to ensure employee safety overall security for your bank.

Construction for Banks and Credit Unions

We are available for a variety of banking and financial institution construction projects including new construction, branch remodeling, and drive through ATM renovations. Whether you need us for a project that is large or small, Hankins Construction maintains high quality standards for all of our work. We will ensure these standards are met throughout your construction process in order to deliver a superior final result.

During each stage in the construction process of your new banking or financial institution, we offer superior construction management services in order to ensure that your project is completed with satisfactory results. We will work with subcontractors in order to manage the projects’ schedule and keep the project on budget. In addition, we understand that often times our clients must continue to do business during a major construction or renovation project. Therefore, we will perform your construction project with minimal business interruptions while maintaining a clean organized construction site.

Previous Banking Construction Services

As a leading banking construction company, Hankins Construction has completed a number of construction projects for banks and financial institutions throughout Missouri in cities including St. Louis, Rolla, Columbia, and Hannibal. One of our previous banking clients includes Carondelet Savings and Loan Company for whom we constructed their Corporate Headquarters and Branch Offices. We have also completed construction projects for several other banking institutions including Mark Twain Bank in Hannibal, MO. To see more of our previous construction projects and clients, view our Past Construction Projects Portfolio.