Church and Religious Building Construction

Hankins Construction is a church construction company with experience building a number of churches throughout the St. Louis area as well as around northern and central Missouri. We offer church building services that use superior building materials to help enhance a church’s beauty, functionality, and design. Our beautiful steel framed churches incorporate a variety of decorative exterior colors and materials. In addition, if you are looking for a construction company to design and build your church building using traditional materials and methods, we offer brick, stone, and wood building construction for religious institutions and churches. With a wide variety of styles and materials available from which to choose, our skilled team will help you to create the perfect building for your church. Whether you prefer an elegant design utilizing traditional, high quality materials or you would like to create a simple and functional addition to your church building, we are the construction company with the knowledge and experience to succeed.

Design / Build Construction for Churches

At Hankins Construction, we offer superior construction services for churches and other religious buildings. We are experienced in not only the physical construction aspect of building, but also we are experienced project managers, prepared to manage and organize every aspect of your new church building design and construction. As experienced Design/Build contractors for church building construction operating throughout the St. Louis and surrounding areas, we offer innovative solutions, beautiful designs, and efficient construction services. Contact Hankins Construction for your religious organization’s next building project to learn how our complete design-build services can help manage your design and construction process with an emphasis on budget and punctuality.

Metal Building Construction for Churches and Religious Institutions

As a leading construction company offering building construction services throughout northern and central Missouri including St. Louis, Columbia, Rolla, Hannibal, and more, Hankins Construction is experienced in manufacturing quality metal buildings for a variety of industries. The following are some of the major advantages of metal building construction for churches and other religious institutions:
  • Quick Church Building Construction – Our religious building construction is a quick alternative to traditional building methods that takes only a fraction of the time to construct compared to brick, wood, or stone structures.
  • Affordable Construction for Religious Buildings – Utilizing metal church buildings from Hankins Construction reduces the need for engineers, architects, and extensive labor costs since metal buildings are easy to design and quick to build on site.
  • Customizable Church Building Options – Steel buildings for churches or other religious institutions are extremely customizable with a variety of colors, sizes, and designs from which to choose.
  • Buildings for Easy Expansion – As your congregation grows, with metal buildings you easily have the option to add more space with an additional building or extension that fits seamlessly with your building design.
  • Energy Efficient Buildings to Operate – Metal church buildings from Hankins Construction are an energy efficient alternative to traditional buildings as they are significantly less expensive to heat in the winter and easier to keep cool in the hot St. Louis summers. This increased efficiency will save you money on utility costs in the long term.
  • Church Buildings with Versatile Uses – Metal church buildings from Hankins Construction are an excellent option for a quick and cost effective addition of a multipurpose room, gymnasium, cafeteria, activity center, or even classroom for your religious institution.
  • Metal Buildings to Create Large Open Spaces – The large open spaces that are created when using steel building construction for churches result in a space that allows light to fill the room. These buildings are also naturally designed for proper acoustic sound. At Hankins Construction, we will create a design that allows you to maximize your building’s usable space with minimal need for obtrusive support beams.