Commercial Remodeling and Renovation Contractor in St. Louis

Hankins Construction Company is a leading contractor in Missouri offering commercial remodeling and renovation services. If you are a tenant or owner of commercial real estate, we can complete your remodeling project in order to design your space to meet your company’s needs. We offer the required knowledge and experience needed to complete commercial renovations in a timely and cost effective manner. We will work with you closely from the beginning design to the final construction stages of your project in order to ensure your new space meets all of your needs and helps your business achieve its goals. If you are looking for a local, family owned construction company in St. Louis, Hankins Construction offers superior quality construction results throughout Missouri in St. Louis City and County, Hannibal, Columbia, and Rolla. See customer referrals for our construction services on our Testimonials Page.

Commercial Remodeling Services

As a leading construction management company for central, eastern, and northeastern Missouri, we offer commercial remodeling services for a broad range of clients. Whether you have recently opened your business, you are moving to a new location, or your space is just ready for a face-lift, commercial remodeling can increase property values and influence how customers perceive your business. The following are several types of situations and industries in which commercial remodeling services from Hankins Construction may be necessary.
  • Restaurants: When opening a restaurant in a new location, commercial remodeling can help give your business the atmosphere you desire.
  • Specialty Retail Stores: We complete remodeling projects for retail stores that are changing locations or would like to update their appearance.
  • Hair Salons and Spas: The goal of a Salon or Spa is to provide customers with a relaxing escape from the everyday. We offer renovation services for hair salons or spas, such as the construction of the Texture Room in New Town, St. Charles, to create this relaxing type of environment.
  • Office Remodeling: Determining the proper office layout for your business is important in any industry. We work with each client to develop the ideal office remodeling plan to best suit their needs.
  • Strip Shopping Centers: We offer renovation for shopping centers looking to remodel commercial retail space in between tenants.
  • Medical Offices: Medical office renovation services from Hankins Construction allow our clients to make optimal use of their space.
  • Hotel Renovations: Hotel remodeling and updating on a regular basis will increase property values and boost revenue.
  • Tenant Build-Out: Our commercial remodeling services allow new tenants to create the perfect space for their business in commercial lease space.

Commercial Renovation Process: Remodeling While Doing Business

We understand that the commercial remodeling process is difficult, as many times our customers need to keep doing business while renovations occur. We recognize that your business is important and therefore, we use our expertise in order to manage your renovation process while minimizing or eliminating the time during which you are unable to operate business.

In addition, we believe that with proper planning and implementation, we can keep your remodeling project on schedule and on budget. Our construction management company will work closely with you during all phases of your project in order to ensure optimal results. We offer single source responsibility as our company makes a commitment to delivering the successful completion of your project. Using our team’s professional knowledge of construction management and commercial remodeling, we will help you to determine the design concept that meets your goals. Next, our team will work with you to achieve the space planning and layout best for your commercial construction. Finally, our talented contractors will manage the development and construction process of your renovation ensuring the project is completed as scheduled.