Construction Services by Industry:

At Hankins Construction, we realize that each construction project requires a different approach as various aspects and concerns take different levels of importance with each industry. We have experience working in a variety of industries with a résumé consisting of many completed commercial construction projects over the years. While our approach may be different from project to project as we shift our focus to priorities and goals of each customer, one thing remains consistent. This is our commitment to delivering superior quality and timely results. The following are some of the industries in which we bring superior knowledge and experience in order to provide outstanding results on commercial construction and renovation projects.

Hospital and Healthcare Facility Construction

When building hospitals or other healthcare facilities such as medical offices, research facilities, and specialty care centers, it is important to focus on each customer’s unique needs. Through a careful assessment, we can determine your required amount of office space, meeting space, and patient rooms in order to best suit your company’s needs. Another important trend in health care construction is the use of green buildings. Since green construction improves indoor air quality thus resulting in a safer and healthier environment, more hospital renovation and construction projects are utilizing green construction methods.

Educational Building Construction for Schools and Universities

Schools and universities have a unique set of limitations and restrictions, which they must work within during construction and renovation projects. For example, often schools have tighter time and budget constraints than clients from other industries. We have experience working on many educational construction projects such as projects for Webster College and Washington University. In addition, we have performed many renovation projects for schools throughout the St. Louis area. Our construction company is prepared to tackle the challenges of construction for schools and universities and deliver quality results that are on time and within budget.

Government Construction Services

At Hankins Construction, we have experience working on a number of government construction projects. As a trusted government general contractor and construction management company, we have worked with a number of government organizations throughout the state of Missouri. Several government construction and renovation projects that our company is prepared to manage include construction for military buildings and training facilities, library construction, county and state correctional facility construction, government office and other facility construction projects.

Church Construction

Whether you are looking for quick and affordable metal building construction or traditional brick, stone, or wood construction, Hankins Construction can manage new construction, addition, or renovation projects for churches and other religious institutions. We have experience working on many construction and renovation projects including several projects for The Archdiocese of St. Louis as well as the construction of Brith Sholem Kneseth Israel Synagogue.

Multi-Family Residential Construction

Multi-family residential construction projects require special planning in order to maximize your buildings potential. At Hankins Construction, we will help plan your project whether you are working on new construction or remodeling for condominiums, apartments, dormitories, retirement communities, or nursing homes.

Industrial Construction Services

Industrial construction services include a range of projects such as warehouse construction and expansion, distribution center construction, storage facility construction, laboratory construction, showroom construction, and manufacturing plant construction as well as a variety of other interior and exterior renovation projects. We offer quality, cost effective solutions to meet your industrial construction needs including affordable metal building construction services.

Office Building Construction

Office building construction can motivate and inspire employees. With innovative office construction services from Hankins Construction, we will determine your company’s specific office space and design needs in order to create a new office layout that is comfortable for employees while increasing productivity.

Retail Construction Services

Retail construction and remodeling involves finding a proper layout that incorporates features of originality and modern design. With retail construction, we realize that your physical building can have a significant impact on how consumers perceive your brand. We will manage your design and construction process in order to create a functional and creative space for your retail company. In addition, we can complete your construction or renovation project with minimal interruptions to your ability to operate business.

Entertainment Construction

In entertainment construction projects, there is a focus on creating breath-taking original designs. We have experience working with a variety of entertainment construction projects and bring the required knowledge to overcome challenges, maintain a set schedule, and keep projects on budget in order to provide superior results.

Banking and Financial Institution Construction

We offer banking and financial institution construction services designed to create a functional layout that allows for optimal employee productivity, improved customer satisfaction, and necessary security.

Parking Structure Construction

We offer parking structure construction services for commercial customers including parking garage construction and metal canopy or carport construction. We will help our customers determine the best parking structure for their needs in order to help their business succeed.