Testimonials for Hankins Construction Company: St. Louis General Contractor and Construction Management Company

Hankins Construction is a leading construction company operating in St. Louis and the surrounding cities including Rolla, Jefferson City, Columbia, and Hannibal. We offer superior services as a general contractor and a construction management company. With experience in a variety of industries, we bring the knowledge and expertise needed to get any job done in today’s construction market. We are dedicated to providing quality construction and effective cost control, while keeping our customers’ needs in mind throughout every step in the construction process. If you are interested in learning how our company can manage your next commercial construction or renovation project, contact us.

Customer Referrals for our St. Louis Commercial Construction Company

As a family owned and operated business, we are dedicated to providing quality construction and effective time and cost control, resulting in superior results. It is our goal throughout the entire construction process to keep our customer’s needs as the top priority. The following are some testimonials and customer referrals from previous clients for our St. Louis construction company. Feel free to browse these testimonials in order to better learn the type of service and results you can expect when working with our company on your next new construction, addition, or renovation project.

St. Louis Junior College

"We sincerely appreciate the manner in which you have been able to work with our staff and with the architect in solving many of the problems which normally occur in a construction project..." Read more

St. Louis Ship

"We are pleased with our new facility and with your cooperation in coordinating the building process to least interfere with the operations of our plant..." Read More

The Red Cross

"We are very satisfied with the finished product and the quality of the work provided by your company..." Read more

U.S. Navy

"Your efficient planning, scheduling, management, and supervision resulted in timely completion and a quality facility...Particularly refreshing was the spirit of cooperation demonstrated by your firm which served to minimize costly delays and contract modifications..." Read more

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

"We would like to compliment you and your associates for your outstanding work in making our building so beautiful..." Read more

Hanenkamp Electric Co.

"It has been a pleasure working with your firm on this project..." Read more

Lumberyard Supply Co.

"[Your workmen] were neat, cleaned up well, as the various jobs were completed, and were friendly and helpful...We will certainly give you a call next time we need construction work done..." Read more

Peckham Guyton

"It was a pleasure to work with you...I would certainly recommend Hankins Construction Company to anyone..." Read more
Following each completed construction project, we aim to contact our clients to receive feedback regarding how they felt about their experience with our company, our employees, and how we operate business. We review each comment that we receive and some of these comments are posted on our website as customer referrals. If we receive negative comments regarding our company, these are used to improve the way our company operates and how we do business with clients. Our main goal is to continually improve our company in order to offer both superior construction management services throughout the entire construction process and outstanding final results.

Commercial Construction Services in St. Louis

The following are the commercial construction services that we offer to clients located throughout Missouri especially in St. Louis, Hannibal, Union, Rolla, Jefferson City, and Columbia. If you are interested in any of these construction services, please contact us for more information.
  • Commercial Construction Projects: We are a general contractor and a construction management company available for construction projects in a variety of industries including healthcare facilities and hospitals, educational buildings, churches and religious institutions, government construction projects, multi-family residential buildings and more.
  • Design/Build Construction: We offer design/build construction services in which we manage every aspect of a construction process creating an environment of single source responsibility. This approach allows for better time and cost management for your construction project.
  • Metal Building Construction: As an authorized retailer of pre-engineered metal buildings, Hankins Construction offers custom metal building construction as an affordable and quick building alternative.
  • Commercial Remodeling and Renovation: We offer commercial remodeling services for clients throughout Missouri. When remodeling or renovating your business we will focus on providing well-managed repairs in order to reduce the amount of time during which you are unable to operate business.
  • Green Construction: Green building construction is an approach to construction and remodeling that emphasizes reducing your impact on the environment. However, utilizing green building solutions also has a number of additional benefits for your company including increased productivity, improved occupant health, better indoor air quality, and reduced energy costs. Overall, we find that the benefits of green construction outweigh the initial higher costs for many of our commercial construction clients.