Design Build Construction in St. Louis

Hankins Construction Company offers affordable design-build construction services throughout the St. Louis and surrounding areas. This approach to construction management is developed to reduce unseen construction costs and save time during the construction process by using one general contractor to complete the entire design and building processes during a construction project. Call us today to learn more about the design-build contractor services available from Hankins Construction.

If you are planning a building project, our design-build general contractors are available to help guide you through the entire architectural, engineering, and construction processes. With superior expertise and professional knowledge, Hankins Construction is a leading design build contractor serving St. Louis and its surrounding areas, including Rolla, Columbia, and Hannibal, Missouri.

About Design / Build Construction

The design- build construction concept is a new approach to construction management offering greater cost control through single source responsibility. This concept applies the efficiency and control found in good business practices to the construction process. Based on the “Master Builder” concept, the design-build approach streamlines the building process by allowing multiple steps to overlap and therefore shortening the entire process. At Hankins Construction, we provide superior architecture and engineering design services, which are complemented by our excellent construction process. This ultimately results in a cost-effective and timesaving approach to construction projects.

Advantages of a Design Build Contractor

There are a number of advantages that come with using a design build contractor for your next construction project. Since design-build construction can reduce costs and construction time, this approach is growing in popularity as a respected alternative to the traditional design-bid-build approach. The following are some of the key benefits to using design-build services from Hankins Construction.

Better Cost Control

Possibly the most important advantage of using a design-build contractor for construction projects is the greater cost control offered with this approach. Our design-build construction services can determine the total cost of a project sooner and help keep your project on budget.

Efficient / More Simplified Construction Approach

Using a design-build contractor for your construction project will result in a simpler more efficient building process. Since our general contractor is in charge of managing all aspects of your project’s design and construction, separate processes can overlap resulting in a quicker and more efficient process. For example, with this building method, the company can begin acquiring permits and even begin construction while the design is being finalized. As a result, this process improves efficiency for construction projects.

Design-Build Construction Saves Time

With design-build construction, the entire bidding process is eliminated, thus immediately cutting this time from a project. In addition, with this approach to construction, other activities can overlap including ordering critical materials and scheduling subcontractors resulting in a streamlined process.

Single Source Responsibility

With design-build construction from Hankins Construction, you will work with our company as the single entity responsible for all aspects of design and construction. We take sole responsibility for delivering your completed construction project on time and on budget. With this process, ideas are generated through a cooperative approach between architectural, engineering, and construction teams resulting in an enjoyable and beneficial process for both the client and the entire design-build team.

Design-Build Construction for State & Local Governments

Hankins Construction offers design-build construction services for state and local governments. We are experienced in working with both city and county governments and recognize the special needs and limitations of these types of projects. Our government design-build contractor services can result in quicker build times, greater quality control, and reduced costs.

To learn how we can implement a design-build solution for your construction project, contact our St. Louis General Contractors today.