Entertainment Construction Contractor

If you are looking for entertainment construction services in St. Louis, Hankins Construction Company is the general contractor for you. With design-build and general contractor services that utilize the latest technology, our construction contractors will create the building that fits your business needs.

With superior construction management services, Hankins Construction will manage every aspect of your construction project. We will focus on achieving quality results with effective cost control. Offering construction services throughout Northeastern and Central Missouri, including St. Louis, Columbia, Rolla, and Hannibal, our general contractors possess the knowledge and expertise to complete your project.

Types of Entertainment Construction Projects

Hankins Construction has experience completing a number of construction projects for the entertainment industry. Entertainment construction projects include everything from small building renovations for museums to large construction projects for stadiums or hotels. The following are several popular types of entertainment construction projects which our experienced general contractors are prepared to undertake.
  • Museum Construction
  • Hotel / Hospitality Construction
  • Theater / Movie Theater Construction
  • Stadium / Sports Complex Construction
  • Zoological Buildings

Aspects of Construction Design

Through our experience with new construction projects and renovations for the entertainment industry, we have come to learn several important aspects that pertain to these construction projects. While on the surface entertainment construction is aimed at creating unique and often even glamorous buildings, these types of projects require a construction management team that has the experience to overcome challenges, maintain a set schedule, and keep the project to budget. With the proper design and management techniques, our entertainment construction services deliver superior results that bring your vision to life.

The following are some of the characteristics that make building design and construction for the entertainment industry a unique service.

Achieve Unique Goals

At Hankins Construction, we recognize that while most entertainment construction projects share the common goals to complete the project on time and without going over budget, there are also other goals unique to each project. Our design-build contractors will help you recognize the main goals of your construction project, and throughout your construction process, we will focus on finding innovative ways to achieve these goals.

Utilize Cutting Edge Designs

In both the recreation and entertainment industries, offering customers the ultimate in glamour and cutting edge technology is an important aspect of your business. Our construction services will help capture this aspect of your business and apply it to the construction design of your buildings. We use the latest in construction technology to provide our clients with quality results and innovative solutions.

Capture the Excitement

Whether we are building a museum designed to stretch the mind and promote learning or a theater to broaden the imagination and inspire creativity, we recognize that your establishment is designed to encourage excitement and emotion. As leading entertainment contractors, we will work with you to construct a building that embodies the spirit of your business.

Previous Entertainment Construction Projects

The following are some of the previous entertainment construction projects, which our company has completed over the years. To learn more about how our construction management teams can complete the entertainment construction project to fit your vision, contact us or request a construction bid.
  • Museum for Westward Expansion at the Gateway Arch
  • Great Ape House at the St. Louis Zoo
  • Orthwein Animal Nutrition Center at the St. Louis Zoo
  • Elephant Habitat at the St. Louis Zoo (50% Complete)
  • Schneithorst’s Hofamburg Inn and Office Building Complex