Industrial Construction Services

Industrial construction includes a diverse group of construction projects and renovations all with their own set of challenges and goals. At Hankins Construction, we have the knowledge and experience needed to succeed in the industrial construction industry. We will work with you on your construction project from start to finish ensuring timely results. We will look out for your best interests through every step in the construction process. Whether you are looking for a general contractor or a construction management company, Hankins Construction offers the quality industrial construction services you need. For construction services in central, eastern, and northeastern Missouri including in Hannibal, St. Louis, Rolla, and Columbia, contact Hankins Construction.

Industrial Construction Projects

When it comes to industrial construction and renovation projects, we understand that every day and every hour of time lost can mean lost production, revenue, and profit. Therefore, we manage each industrial construction project with a focus on maintaining our set schedule and getting you back to business as quickly as possible. By using leading construction management techniques, we are capable of delivering quality results for each and every project.

For industrial construction projects, our customers most often come to us with a set of needs and specific requirements that their new building must meet. Whether you will be using your new space to manufacture cars on an assembly line or to store and distribute products to retail stores, you know exactly what your building should be able to handle. This is where we come in. At Hankins Construction, we will look at your goals and needs to help create a space that will accommodate all of your requirements. In addition, with our years of experience performing industrial construction projects, we will be able to anticipate and prevent problems that could hold up your construction project.

The following are some of the types of industrial construction projects for which we provide our general contractor and construction management services.
  • Interior and Exterior Renovations
  • Manufacturing Plant Construction
  • Distribution Center Construction
  • Warehouse Construction
  • Storage Facility Construction
  • Laboratory Construction
  • Flex Space Building Construction

Metal Building Construction for Industrial Complexes

Our pre-engineered metal building construction services are perfect for industrial complexes of any size. These steel buildings are a quick and affordable solution to your construction project. While these buildings are quick and easy to construct, our pre-engineered metal buildings are durable and designed to last. If you are interested in learning more about our metal building construction services at Hankins Construction, read about our pre-engineered metal buildings on our website or contact us today.
The following are some advantages of metal buildings for industrial construction projects.
  • Quick Availability: With steel buildings, there is a quick turnaround time to occupy your facility reducing downtime and increasing your productivity.
  • Low Cost: Our custom pre-engineered buildings are an affordable solution, which also eliminate the need for an architect or engineer and reduce labor costs.
  • Easy to Expand: Metal buildings allow the option for quick and seamless additions as your facility grows.
  • Energy Efficient Operation: Steel buildings require less energy to heat and cool thus reducing your monthly energy bills.
  • Large Sizes with Great Open Spaces: Our metal buildings are designed to provide you with the most interior space, which is ideal for many industrial environments.
  • Durable with Minimal Up-Keep: Metal buildings are made of steel and other sturdy materials. These quality buildings are designed to stand up to any weather conditions and last for years to come.