Metal Building Construction in St. Louis

Most people think of metal buildings as large airplane hangars or exhibition halls. However, while these are still important uses for metal buildings, because of the variety of options available today, steel buildings have become more versatile. At Hankins Construction, we offer pre-fabricated metal building construction for a variety of industries including building construction for churches, agricultural buildings, and industrial complexes. With a variety of sizes, colors, and designs, these steel buildings are an affordable solution for nearly any construction project.

With experience constructing metal buildings for customers throughout St. Louis and its surrounding areas, including Rolla, Hannibal, and Columbia, Hankins Construction can provide the metal building construction to meet all of your needs at competitive prices.

Benefits of Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings

There are a number of benefits to using a pre-engineered structure for your next building construction project. These benefits range from initial cost and time savings to long-term energy efficiency. Overall, steel and metal buildings offer durable construction with numerous styles and designs, making them an excellent choice for many agricultural, commercial, and industrial construction projects. Therefore, if you are considering a new construction project, consider a steel building from Hankins Construction Company in St. Louis.

The following advantages of metal buildings will help you to decide if a pre-engineered structure is the right choice for your church, airplane hanger, or industrial building.

Low Cost Construction Solutions

Metal Buildings are a low cost alternative to buildings made of other, more traditional materials. As the availability of non-renewable is resources reduced, this results in increased material costs. Therefore, metal buildings are becoming an increasingly more economical building alternative to wood and lumber. In addition to the lower initial construction costs associated with affordable metal buildings, these structures also result in lower operating costs over the life of the building. Metal Buildings are energy efficient with available insulation covers to reduce energy consumption and cut costs. Pre-fabricated metal buildings also require little maintenance over the years and can be modified easily to accommodate changing needs.

Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings are Quicker to Build

Metal buildings are often much quicker to build than structures made of wood or other traditional materials. This quick turnaround time allows you to get back to business with as little time lost as possible. To learn more about how quickly our contractors can build your new facility request a free metal building construction bid for your St. Louis Area project.

Increased Design and Architectural Style Flexibility with Steel Building Construction

Metal buildings from Hankins Construction are available in variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and finishes making it easy for our customers to select the pre-fabricated building design to best suit their individual needs. In addition, our customers can provide desired specifics for height or other design characteristics prior to building fabrication to have a customized metal building that fits their requirements.

Metal Buildings Offer Improved Durability

Metal beams and other components of steel buildings will not rot, warp, or split like wood construction. In addition, durable steel construction is impermeable to termites, insects, and rodents. Finally, metal building offer superior durability because they are heat resistant and manufactured to withstand climate changes that can take a toll on traditional structures over time.

Types of Metal Buildings

Hankins Construction Company builds metal buildings in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and styles. These pre-engineered buildings are a versatile building solution that is perfect for our customers in a variety of industries who are looking for quality building construction at an affordable cost. The following are some of the main industries for which we offer metal buildings construction services:
  • Commercial Steel Buildings
  • Religious Steel Buildings
  • Industrial Steel Buildings
  • Agricultural Steel Buildings
  • Aviation Steel Buildings
  • Storage Steel Buildings
To find out more about our pre-fabricated metal building construction services, request a free bid for your upcoming construction project today.