Office Construction Company in St. Louis, Missouri

While a new office building alone cannot make employees eager to come to work on a Monday morning. Office construction that utilizes the latest technology in green construction, contemporary, modern design, and effective layouts can help to increase productivity and improve employee satisfaction.

Hankins Construction is a leading construction company in St. Louis and the surrounding cities offering new office construction and office remodeling services. As a leading office building contractor, we have built and remodeled office buildings both large and small. From comprehensive design-build contracting to office construction and remodeling, our general contractors have the experience needed to create a functional office space for any business. We will work with our clients to develop buildings capable of accommodating today’s technology and ready to adapt to the ever-changing work environment.

Our contractors use past experience and the latest technologies in order to offer superior construction for office buildings. If you are looking for a construction management company for your office building construction project, Hankins Construction is the company for you. We serve clients throughout the northeastern and central Missouri areas including the St. Louis Metropolitan area, Hannibal, Columbia, and Rolla.

Office Construction that Inspires

A recent Microsoft Hardware Poll found that 90% of employees believe that their office space and layout has a direct effect on productivity. Therefore, building a well-designed office space can help make your employees more comfortable, more creative, and overall more productive. Hankins Construction has experience building offices with an emphasis on creating a better workspace for employees. The following is a list of several important design characteristics and other aspects to consider when creating an office building.

Design an Effective Office Layout

Your office building must have a layout that mirrors the way business is done in your company. Consider which employees will be working in close collaboration, what types of meeting rooms employees will need to use, and where to put shared equipment including copiers, fax machines, or printers. Your goal is to create an office layout that reduces employees’ transit time through the office, allows for effective collaboration, and provides adequate working space.

Create a Comfortable Work Environment

Providing a comfortable work environment is important for promoting employee productivity. Things like adjustable lighting, temperature, and furnishings allow employees to modify their workspace to fit individual needs. One important aspect of creating a comfortable environment is lighting. When creating your overall office building construction, it is important to consider implementing design techniques that will maximize natural light. Natural light can be easier on employees’ eyes allowing them to feel more relaxed and creative.

Use Contemporary Style and Building Design

Out-dated office building designs can feel tired and dreary, leaving employees feeling much the same. Office construction using contemporary style can improve energy by creating a more upbeat ambiance. This can result in improved productivity, as employees are more likely to enjoy their time spent at the office. In addition, innovative and contemporary office construction can encourage creativity among employees.

Green Office Building Construction

Hankins Construction offers green building construction services using the latest in sustainable resources and environmentally friendly products. There are a number of advantages to green office building construction for businesses in nearly any industry. The following are some of the many benefits of green, environmentally friendly office design.
  • Improved Company Image: If customers or clients often visit your office space, a green office building will improve your image in the eyes of the client by showing that your company is devoted to creating a better environment and that your company embraces new techniques in order to achieve success.
  • Reduced Energy Consumption: Green office buildings utilize a number of energy saving products, which ultimately reduce monthly operating costs for your business.
  • Improved Productivity: Green office buildings can help improve employee health and comfort, resulting in increased productivity.
To learn more about how our green office building construction can help your company, please contact our St. Louis area construction contractors.

Previous Office Building Construction Projects

As leading office construction contractors, we have successfully completed a number of previous new construction and remodeling projects for many diverse clients. The following are several notable projects that we have completed:
  • Carondelet Savings and Loan Corporate Headquarters and Branch Offices
  • Missouri State Highway Patrol Building – “Troop C” Headquarters Office Building
  • St. Louis Junior College District Office Building
  • Schneithorst’s Hofamburg Inn and Office Building Complex