Parking Structure Construction for Commercial Customers

Hankins Construction Company offers parking structure construction services for commercial customers throughout Missouri. Whether you are planning to build a new parking garage for your office building or would like to add covered parking structures such as metal canopies or carports to your multi-family residential buildings, we offer the innovative parking solutions to meet your needs. As a leading design/build construction company serving clients throughout the greater St. Louis area including cities as far as Columbia, Rolla, or Hannibal, Missouri, we offer parking structure construction that is both functional and durable.

With experience building parking garages and metal carports, Hankins Construction provides a number of distinct advantages to our commercial customers. For example, when designing parking structures, our construction management company works with clients to determine their individual needs. Therefore, we can create a solution that allows our client to maximize the number of parking spaces created in even a small area. In addition, both our parking garage and metal parking canopy construction services offer solutions that are durable and dependable. These structures require minimal upkeep and will serve our clients for years to come.

Parking Garage Construction Services

We understand the importance that having a proper parking structure to complete your office building, retail shopping center, hotel, hospital, or university can have not only on the functionality and success of your business but also to improve property values. Therefore, we offer innovative solutions when designing and building parking garages in order to maximize space usage while creating a user-friendly, well-functioning parking environment. We keep a focus on safety and cost effectiveness while creating attractive and functional parking garages built with only superior quality. With our parking garage construction services, our company’s goal is to create the parking structure that provides each of your customers, clients, and employees with the perfect parking spot.

In addition to constructing new parking garages, our construction company offers design/build construction services for parking structures, parking garage expansion or additions, and parking garage restoration. To learn more about any of these parking structure construction services from our leading construction company, contact us or request a construction bid online.

Metal Parking Canopies and Carports for Commercial Use

In addition to building and designing superior parking garages, Hankins Construction offers durable and affordable metal parking structures including canopies and carports perfect for our commercial customers. Metal parking structures from Hankins Construction Company are designed to protect cars from sun, rain, hail, ice and snow. Like our quality metal buildings, metal parking structures and canopies require little maintenance and offer superior durability. In addition, metal parking canopies can be customized and designed with colors and styles that complement your current building architecture.

Whether you will be providing covered parking for multi-family residential buildings or large office buildings, parking structure construction has a number of benefits. Metal carports can increase property value. In addition, parking canopies help improve occupancy and revenue for both residential and office buildings. The following are several types of clients for whom we find that metal parking structure construction from Hankins Construction Company in St. Louis is the ideal choice.
  • Apartment Complexes
  • Condos
  • Retirement Communities
  • Hotels
  • Office Buildings
  • Industrial Clients