Retail Construction Company in St. Louis

Retail construction is a not a one size fits all industry. It involves finding the right combination of modern design, display space, and storage area in order to create a space that is both functional and capable of leaving a desired impact on shoppers. Whether you are trying to create the feeling of a tropical paradise or a trendy L.A. shop in your retail store, we realize that the construction and design of your store can play a large role in creating and maintaining your company branding. At Hankins Construction, we offer retail construction services to customers throughout Missouri including in St. Louis, Columbia, Rolla, and Hannibal. It is our goal with our retail construction services to deliver the atmosphere and functionality you desire while remaining within our projected budget and time schedule.

Construction Management Company for Retail Businesses

Hankins Construction is a St. Louis retail construction company offering general contracting and construction management services to our clients. As a construction management company, we handle all aspects of a construction or renovation project. We act as a representative of your company when dealing with subcontractors and suppliers and maintain your best interests throughout the project. Whether we are working on construction for a new store location or we are renovating an existing location, we can manage all of the design and construction processes. This allows you and your employees to focus on the important tasks for your business including merchandising and sales. If you are looking for a construction company to manage your retail construction project, Hankins Construction Company will keep your project on schedule and on budget.

Retail Construction: Building Your Brand

Retail construction brings unique challenges as this is one of several industries in which customers evaluate your physical location, which consequently impacts their perceptions of your business. If your store looks out dated, in efficient, or average, people tend to apply this feeling to your products as well. Therefore, building a retail store that captures and expresses your brand’s image will automatically improve your position in consumers’ eyes. At Hankins Construction, we use innovative technologies and design in order to build a space that fits each customer’s individual needs and vision.

Another important aspect involved in the retail store construction and design process is creating a proper layout. Your layout should make good use of your space, allow for adequate product display and storage space, and create an effective traffic flow. When designing the flow through your store during the planning stages of construction, it is important to consider both customers and employees. You want to develop a layout that will take customers in a logical pathway through your store while passing many products, but easily finding what they are looking for. Another important consideration is employee movement. You want to develop a layout that increases employee productivity by allowing them to travel quickly through the store and find products as needed. At Hankins Construction, we can help design your retail construction project and complete the construction process with our retail construction services.

A Missouri Construction Company

If you are interested in our construction management or general contracting services, contact our retail construction company for more information. We are available throughout central, eastern, and northeastern Missouri including in St. Louis, Hannibal, Rolla, Jefferson City, Columbia, and everywhere in between. As we enjoy the challenges that come with each new customer, we look forward to working with your business and learning your unique goals and ideas in order to ultimately achieve a successful construction or renovation project.