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Hankins Construction Company offers a variety of construction services including metal building construction, design-build construction, commercial construction, and green construction. We utilize the latest in construction technology in order to supply our clients with superior construction results. As a family owned Construction Company, we have been providing quality services to the St. Louis City and County areas as well as to other surrounding Missouri cities, including Rolla, Columbia, and Hannibal. Whether you are looking for a general construction contractor or you need a construction management team to plan and implement your commercial remodeling project, Hankins Construction is the company for you.

The following website map will help guide you through the information, which can be found on our website. If you have trouble finding any information or you have additional questions about our St. Louis general construction company, please contact us. If you are interested in learning what our general contractors can do for your construction projects, request a construction bid.
  • St. Louis General Contractors & Construction Management Company: On our home page, learn about our General Construction and Construction Management Company. Hankins Construction offers a variety of construction services including design-build construction management, general construction, commercial remodeling, and metal building construction.
  • About Hankins Construction: Learn about Hankins Construction, a leading family owned construction management company offering superior construction services throughout Missouri.
    • Locations / Areas Served: See the Missouri cities in which our construction company operates. This includes construction projects in St. Louis City and County, Columbia, Rolla, and Hannibal.
  • Construction Services: Learn about the construction management services offered by our general contractors.
  • Construction by Industry: Read about our previous construction projects by industry and learn about our specific industry related construction knowledge and expertise.
    • Healthcare / Hospital Construction: Learn about Hankins Construction as a general contractor for Hospitals and Healthcare construction.
    • Education Construction: Learn about our construction for the education industry including schools, universities, and colleges.
    • Government Construction: Hankins Construction has experience with government construction projects including building libraries, designing structures for city and county parks, and constructing buildings for the State of Missouri. Learn more about our Missouri Government Construction services here.
    • Church Construction: Learn about construction for churches and religious buildings including metal building construction for churches and church renovation and remodeling.
    • Multi-Family Residential Construction: Find information on our company‚Äôs experience as a multi-family construction contractor including building Apartment Complexes and Nursing Homes.
    • Industrial Construction: Read about our industrial construction experience including metal building construction for industrial complexes.
    • Office Construction: As a leading construction management team, we offer construction and remodeling for offices. Learn more about previous work and knowledge here.
    • Retail Construction: Find out about Hankins Construction as a retail construction management company offering new retail construction and retail remodeling.
    • Entertainment Construction: Learn about our construction for the entertainment industry including previous projects for the St. Louis Zoo.
    • Parking Structure Construction: Read about our company as parking structure contractors who offer parking garage construction and commercial metal carport construction.
    • Banks Construction: Learn information about our construction for banks.
  • Design / Build Contractors in St. Louis: As a design-build contractor, our construction company offers complete construction management services from the initial design to final construction phases of a project. Learn more about our St. Louis design-build construction services here.
  • Metal Building Construction: Read about Hankins Construction as a metal building contractor offering custom metal buildings for churches, industrial buildings, and agricultural customers.
  • Commercial Remodeling/Renovation: Learn more about our commercial remodeling construction management in St. Louis and other Missouri Cities.
  • Green Construction: Hankins Construction is a leading contractor offering green building construction for a variety of industries. Learn more about green construction here.
  • Request a Free Quote for Construction Services: Here you can provide some initial information and request a bid for your St. Louis Construction projects.
  • Construction Projects:
  • Construction Testimonials: Find testimonials and recommendations for our construction company from our previous clients.
  • Frequently Asked Construction Questions: Learn answers to frequently asked construction questions including questions about constructing a new building and our design-build construction services.
  • Contact our General Contractors in St. Louis: To learn more about Hankins Construction Company and our services as a commercial contractor, complete the contact form found here.
  • Privacy Policy: This Privacy Policy contains information about our policies regarding the use and storage of personal information that we obtain through this website.
  • Site Map: Our Website Map allows customers to see a text description of the content found on this website.